govdex upgrade news

As advised in an email sent to all Community Administrators on 6 November 2013, an upgrade to govdex is scheduled for delivery on Saturday 30 November 2013.

Periods of downtime and reduced functionality are expected from:

5.30pm AEDST Friday 29 November to 8am AEDST Monday 2 December.

This is a significant upgrade and will provide a new look and feel and additional functionality. You will also notice a change to the look and feel and navigation.

There are a number of third party plug-ins that are no longer supported and some functionality will not be after the upgrade. Take a quick look at What’s in and What’s out, or continue reading and you’ll find this information at the end.

Additional functionality

The upgrade will provide new ways to create, edit and find content, , and a new sidebar replaces the browse menu.

Choose from the headings below to skip to more information about what’s new in govdex.

 Simplified editing

 New look and feel, showing Create options

  • A new page editor (replacing wiki mark-up), streamlined user interface, redesigned toolbar, enhanced text formatting and alignment controls
  • The  ‘Add’ button has replaced. Instead, choose ‘Create’ from the header to select a blank page, a blog post or a page based on a sample page layout
  • The ‘Browse’ menu has been replaced by a sidebar that displays what’s in this space and important links. The sidebar can be configured to suit your space

Table editing options

Easy table editing – insert new tables with drag-and-drop simplicity, highlight and merge cells, rows and columns. Add, remove, cut and paste rows and columns.

Improved image handling

paste images from clipboard, turn images into links, customise image sizes, embed images from other pages, add image titles and alt text, enhance the presentation of images and screenshots by adding borders, captions etc

Page layout options

  • Add sections and columns to the page
  • You can now use special characters (such as exclamation marks and semi-colons) in your page titles
  • Meeting Notes template – helps you plan meetings and share notes/actions with your team
  • File List template – use to create lists of files to share with your team; great for organising documents, images and presentations
  • Product Requirement template – helps you define, scope and track requirements
  • Space templates – setup is done for you; spaces created with a Space blueprint will feature a customised homepage, sidebar and may contain useful page blueprints for creating content
  • Team space template – team members will be automatically granted permissions and added as watchers of the space
  • Shared Links templates – share articles and videos from the web with your community
  • New ‘find and replace’ feature – makes it easier to update content


Improved communication

  • Responsive design – optimised for viewing on a mobile device
  • @ mentions – just like Twitter and Facebook, you can now mention users from your group in content, by typing @ followed by their name
  • ‘Network’ tab on the Dashboard – lets you see recent updates from people you follow; you can also choose to stop following people
  • Popular content on the dashboard – shows pages, blog posts and comments that are attracting the most attention


  • The ‘Workbox’ displays all notifications collected from Community page watches, shares, mentions, and tasks
  • Tasks on pages – track your team’s tasks on a page; create/assign/notify assignees
  • Personal tasks – create/manage tasks; add personal tasks; drag to reorder priority
  • Decisions template – make and record decisions with your Community
  • PDF and PowerPoint View File macros now use HTML5 instead of Flash – content loads faster and can be viewed on a wider range of devices
  • Page Properties Report macro – presents a tabulated summary of properties embedded on pages; can now specify spaces to show data from and columns to include in the report
  • Page and space watcher – choose the ‘Watch’ button to be notified of any updates
  • Choose the ‘Share’ button to share pages and blog posts with a group
  • Choose ‘Like’ to support someone’s post

Autoconvert – automatically converts pasted URLs to a format that displays well

Google maps example of autoconvert

Navigation enhancements

  • New sidebar and tab-based navigation
  • Quick access to admin functions via search box – start typing and the matching administrative functions (identified by the cog icon) will appear at the top of the search results
  • Get to your community spaces faster – choose from the Spaces dropdown menu
  • Find out the administrator of your Community – choose ‘Space tools’ and then ‘Overview’

Administration advances

  • Redesigned space administration and space tools
  • New template for the site welcome message that appears top left in dashboard
  • Template descriptions – administrators can add a description to help users understand non-standard templates


Plug-ins and Macros

Read on to find out more about plug-ins and macros now available to you in this new release.

What’s in


Display a chart, pie, bar, line, area, scatter, time series, and various xy chart types are available.

Code Macro

Allows display of source code in documents, with appropriate syntax highlighting

Community Forums

Add online forums straight into your Communities

Composition Plug-in

Compose tabs in a wiki

Content Formatting Macros
Add elements to wiki pages, such as Tabs and Progress bars

Linking Plug-in
contains macros for linking to templates, the dashboard etc.

Redirection Plug-in
Facilitates page redirection and page aliasing

Survey and Vote Plug-in
Create surveys, control who can vote, view results

Visibility Plug-in
Show / hide content based on user’s name, groups or space access



What’s out

The following list of 3rd party plug-ins are being removed due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. plug-in has become obsolete due to improvements in core Confluence functionality
  2. plug-in is not yet compatible with the latest version of Confluence
  3. plug-in is no longer supported or actively maintained by the 3rd party developer
  4. plug-in has changed direction/focus and no longer provides the required functionality
  5. plug-in is expensive to license for the size of our user base and does not provide value for money for the functionality offered


There is no direct equivalent to this functionality. 


The new Events template provides similar functionality.


The new forum solution does not permit import of old data. Community Administrators using this plug-in have already been contacted.

Code macro plug-in

This is now core functionality within Confluence.

Table Plug-in

This is now core functionality within Confluence.

Excel Plug-in

Core functionality now allows attachment of excel files to a page.