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Creating User Groups

User groups are used to manage your community memberships. These are not brand new communities.

PLEASE NOTE: You must have a govdex community before applying for user groups.

1. Go to your community Dashboard and select ‘Manage Community Membership’

2. This will open the ‘User Administration interface’ and display a list of your communities and user groups.

3. From the Menu on the left hand side of your screen, select ‘User Groups’.

4. This will open the ‘User Group Creation’ page. Select the community you want to create a user group for and enter a name for the group. Select ‘Submit’.

Note: Only the name of the user group should be entered into the 'New user group name' field. The community key will automatically be added once submitted.

5. This message confirming the user group has been created will appear once completed.

6. The user group will automatically be added to the community and will appear in your ‘List of Groups’ in the following format: COMMUNITYKEY_GROUPNAME

Note: There may be a slight delay between the groups being added and users ability to see the content. This is due to system synchronisation.