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Invite or Remove Members

Invite Members

1. Go to your community Dashboard and select ‘Manage Community Membership’

2. This will open the ‘User Administration interface’ and display a list of your communities and user groups.

3. Select the community or group you wish to grant access to from the list. If you would like to provide administrator access to a user select the group with _admin included.

4. At the bottom or top of the ‘Managing XXXXXXXX Community’ page, select ‘Add Member’



5. Enter the users email address in the text field. To add multiple Users, select ‘Add more..’. Once all users have been added to the list, select ‘Add members to XXXX’

6. The user will now appear in the memberships list.

Please note: New members who do not have an existing govdex account will receive an invite about how to access this community. The community owner’s name and contact details will be included in the invite. Until they create an account they will be listed under the pending invites section.

New members who have an existing govdex account will be notified about their addition to this community.

Remove Members

To remove users please follow steps 1 to 3 above. Select the tick box next to the members name that you wish to remove. Then select the “Remove Selected” button at the bottom of the page.