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Roles and Responsibilities

What is a Community Administrator?

A community Administrator is a member of a community who manages members and content. They are part of a subgroup of the community known as the administrator group. When the community is applied for the applicant becomes the first community administrator by default. The community administrator group membership can be changed at any time by an existing member of the admin group e.g. an existing community administrator can add new members to the group making them community administrators.

The govdex Terms of Use require that you have at least two government employees within the administrator group.


What are the responsibilities of a Community Administrator?

  • Ensuring that all members use the community in accordance with the Terms of Use ;
  • Maintaining and developing the administration of the community;
  • Review of  responses to an issue and ensuring that all published responses/comments meet the criteria outlined within the Terms of Use;
  • Applying for a new, or amending an existing community;
  • Authorise access for new members and disable or change details for existing members;
  • Site management, which includes: monitoring, reviewing, archiving and decommissioning information contained in  your community;
  • Record keeping and ensuring that documents and relevant content are maintained in your agency’s records management system;
  • Maintaining an up-to-date backup of you site for recovery from accidental deletion by you or your users of content;
  • Storing community members details (name, email address, telephone numbers or other information) gained from applications to join your community, in accordance with Australian Government Information Privacy Principles;
  • Informing and preparing new members of their responsibilities when they get access to your community and providing them with navigation and assistance in relation to your community;
  • Refusing, or removing from the site, material submitted by a member which in your reasonable opinion contravenes the Terms of Use of govdex, and advising the member of reasons for refusal or removal;
  • Removing the access to your community of any member who, in your reasonable opinion, has failed to observe, or is otherwise acting in a manner inconsistent with, the terms of Lawful Purposes of govdex (Please see terms of use for full details); and
  • If the community uses govdex For Official Use Only material, you should remind members of their obligations in respect of protecting their password and in treatment of For Official Use Only material.