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Community Member

A general user of govdex with no administrative permissions

Community Administrator

A member of the community admin group. With the ability to make edits to the community, invite and manage users.

Govdex Administrator

govdex Support Centre staff & Level 2 support staff. govdex Administrator’s do not perform any user management (inviting, removing or altering individual community memberships).


Users’ will often refer to this as the homepage. This is what they view after they log in to govdex.

Manage Community Membership

The manage community membership page is also known as the group listing or the Delegated User Administration. It is here that Community Administrators are able to select their community and send invitations.

Community Key

The community key is the identifying acronym for your community that is saved in the govdex Support Centre’s database. The key is normally the same for both the community and the JIRA project. The key is set by the community administrator who applied for the community and is unable to be changed. The community key can be found by
1. Looking for the acronym within the community URL
2. Finding the community within the Manage Community Membership interface.
If your community has a JIRA project the key will be the same as your community key.


JIRA is an issue tracking product, offered by govdex, used for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management. JIRA projects are created by the govdex Support Centre only.

User Group

User groups are additional membership groups for your community. These are used to manage viewing within your community. 


Permissions refer to how a user participates in govdex e.g. Can they comment, can they upload etc. These permissions are relevant for the entire community and are set by the community administrators.


Restrictions refer to what a user can view in govdex. A user may be restricted to only view one or two pages. This can also be done for editing. A user can be restricted to editing a single page instead of the whole community. These restrictions are page specific and are set by the community administrators.

Verification Email

Verification emails are automated emails sent by govdex when a user applies for a community. Within this email are instructions on how to verify their application.
PLEASE NOTE: The community application process will be unable to proceed without verification.

Approval Email

Approval emails are automated emails sent by govdex when a community application has been approved. Within this email are instructions on how to access your new community.
PLEASE NOTE: The community will not appear on your dashboard for up to 2 hours after receipt of this email.

Invitation Email

Invitation emails are sent from the Delegated Administrator interface. A community administrator may invite a user to join their community. This user will received an automated email from govdex. If an existing user is sent an invitation email the community will appear on their dashboard automatically. If a new user is sent an invitation email the user will be provided with instructions on how to create an account.
PLEASE NOTE: All changes within govdex may take up to 2 hours to take effect. These changes include: A new community appearing on the dashboard and new accounts becoming accessible.