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Creating a Table

1. Go to the community you wish to add a table to and click on the ‘create’ button at the top left of the screen. Please note: If you already have an active page to insert the table into please proceed to step 3.

2. Once you do this a window will appear with multiple options including ‘blank page, blog post, decision, events, file list’. Select the ‘blank page’ option then click ‘create’.  You will now be given the opportunity to add content to your new page.

3. To insert a table, click on the ‘insert table’ icon on the tool bar above the space where you would ordinarily write the content of your new page.

5. You will now get a dropdown box in the shape of a grid. Move your mouse to highlight how many rows and columns you would like and left click to finish.  This will create a table with a header row.  If you wish to create a table without a header row, hold shift when you left click to finish.

6. A table will now appear on your page. You can enter content in the table by clicking in a cell and typing. Extra table editing functions will also appear along the edit bar. These allow you to add/delete rows & columns, change cell colours and cut & paste cells/columns elsewhere.

7. When you have finished, click ‘save’ for your table to appear on your community, this is located in the bottom right corner of the page.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a community member you may not have the permission to perform this action. Please contact your community administrator for more information on your community permissions.