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1. Dashboard and Australian Government Logo – This will take you back to your dashboard.

2. Jira - This will take you to Jira (an issue tracking product offered by govdex).

3. Browse – The browse menu provides you with options to view pages, blogs and labels as well as access the space admin interface.

4. Create – The create button allows you to create new blank pages for the community you are currently in. The ‘create from template’ button (...) allows you to create a new page using an existing template (e.g., Blog Post, File List or Decision Register).

5. Profile Icon – The profile icon provides you with options to personalise your govdex. This includes your email notifications and your profile photo. Within this menu you are able to see what you have viewed recently, what your favourites are, manage the pages you are watching and log out.

6. Left hand sidebar – The left hand sidebar lists the pages within the community and allows you to search the content within the community.

7. Breadcrumbs – The breadcrumbs are located above the community name. You can use these to navigate through your community as well as by using the sidebar.

8. Edit – The edit button allows you to edit the content of that particular page. This button will only been visible if you have been given permission to do this. If you have not got the button but would like it, please contact your community administrator.

9. Favourite – The favourite button allows you to set a particular page within the community as a favourite. A list of your favourite pages may be accessed from the Profile Icon menu.


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10. Watch – The watch button adds the page you are on to your watch list. This means that you will receive notifications whenever any changes are made to it.

11. Share - The share button allows you to share a page within a community with other users or user groups.

12. Tools Menu (...) – The tools menu provides you with options for editing this page. These include: Attachments, Page History, Restrictions, Page Information, Link to this page, Viewing options, export options, copy, move or delete. Please note that you may not have permission to view these options. To discuss your community permissions please contact your community administrator.

13. Recent Space Activity – This is shown on the homepage of your community and provides you with a newsfeed of what has been recently updated in the community.

14. Space contributors – This shows who has been contributing to your community.

15. Like Button – This likes the page that you are on. Please note this has no connection to Facebook.

16. Child Pages – This shows you how many child pages the current page has and what they are.

17. Comment – This allows you to comment on the page you are currently on. Please note this will be visible to all community members.  The ability to comment is dependent on the permissions set by the community administrator. If you would like to change your permissions please contact your community administrator.