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GovTEAMS is now in open beta

We are pleased to announce that the open beta release of GovTEAMS is now available for Commonwealth Government employees to sign up, at We are finally lifting the curtains and revealing our product to you, so that you can use and evaluate the service for us. Using your feedback, we will continue to add new features and content to make the next release of GovTEAMS even better.

Working closely with a number of government agencies, we have designed a service to not only replace the ageing GovDEX platform, but to transform the way we work together.

GovDEX members have until March 2019 to migrate their content and create new communities in GovTEAMS, after this date GovDEX will no longer be available for use. Detailed instructions relating to migration will be sent to GovDEX administrators in mid-September.

GovTEAMS offers a number of new and exciting features and functionalities, allowing government employees and their industry partners to connect, share and work together across organisational and geographical boundaries. The core features of the service include:


Personal profiles:

  • Create an online profile that can stay with you even if you move to a new agency, change your role or leave the APS for an extended period.
  • Promote your skills, knowledge and interests.
  • Connect with like-minded people.


  • Structure and share information in a meaningful way that is easy to use, manage and find.
  • Invite external guests to your community.
  • Create and discover other communities.

Connect and share:

  • Instantly connect by using Microsoft Teams to chat, video conference and conduct online meetings.
  • Share information, news, documents and events using SharePoint.

Office 365:

  • Connect and collaborate from anywhere, at any time.
  • Co-author documents on the go.
  • Access content, conversations and tasks on any device.


GovTEAMS will transform the way you work by providing the tools you need to collaborate, connect and share. Sign up at, and head directly to, the getting started user guide.


Want to know more about GovTEAMS?

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For information about Microsoft visit,
Need help? Contact us at,


GovTEAMS. Work better together.