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Service Centre Advice – govdex Release



As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining and improving govdex there will be an upgrade released on Thursday, 16th March 2017.  The release will be performed outside of business hours.

What are the new features?

Sidebar Look and Feel

The latest update for govdex includes some changes to the look and feel of the sidebar that appears on the far left of each community. Key changes include:

· New Location for Space Tools (formerly Space Operations & Space Admin)

The tab for Navigating to Space Tools has been relocated from the top menu bar (Browse option) to the bottom of the sidebar. There is now a single Space Tools menu that lets you jump right to Permissions, Content Tools or Look and Feel.

· Customise Sidebar, Header and Footer

Community Administrators can add custom content to the sidebar, header and footer in each community (Space Tools > Look and Feel >Sidebar, Header and Footer). Community Administrators are able to select one of two sidebar navigation display options by going to Space Tools > Configure sidebar.

· Changing Community Logo

You can upload any image to use as your community logo. This logo will always appear at the top of the community sidebar. Go to Space Tools > click on Configure sidebar.

· Child Pages are not Displayed Below Page Content    

Child pages are no longer displayed at the bottom of each page. The Children Display Macro can be added to the footer to display child pages.


Copy and Delete Page Hierarchies

Community Administrators are now able to copy or delete a page and all its child pages in one easy process. You can duplicate existing content and page structures, easily modify title and decide if duplicate pages should include labels, attachments and/or restrictions.

Delete Page Notification

Community Administrators should be aware that notification emails are no longer sent when a page is deleted from a community. If required, Community Administrators may restrict which members/user groups are able to delete a page by updating their Community Permissions (Space Tools>Permissions). Additionally, Community Administrators are able to restore pages deleted in error by navigating to the Trash (Space Tools>Content Tools>Trash).

End of Support

Internet Explorer 10 and Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) mobile browser are no longer supported.

Will there be an outage?

The govdex service will be unavailable from 7.00pm (AEDT) Thursday, 16th March 2017 until approximately 11.00pm (AEDT) Thursday, 16th March 2017.

Do I need to do anything?

Please log out of govdex by 7.00pm (AEDT) Thursday, 16th March 2017.

The vendor that supports the underlying software (Confluence and JIRA) has advised that Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) is no longer supported. It is recommended that wherever possible, you upgrade to the latest supported version of Internet Explorer or use an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome in order to avoid display and functionality issues, as well as possible vulnerabilities as a result of outdated browser software.

Further Information

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the govdex support centre via the contact us form.