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Support Centre Advice – upcoming govdex Release


As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining and improving govdex there will be a number of new features released in the coming weeks.  The release will be performed outside of business hours and will have very little disruption for users.

The vendor that supports the underlying software (Confluence and JIRA) has announced that Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is no longer supported. It is recommended that wherever possible, you upgrade to the latest supported version of Internet Explorer or use an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome in order to avoid display and functionality issues, as well as possible vulnerabilities as a result of outdated browser software.

Below is a brief description of each change included in this release.

Create a Page With One Click

You can now create a new blank page just by clicking the global ‘Create’ button. Alternatively, you may create a new page using an existing template (e.g., Blog Post, File List and Decision Register) by selecting ‘Create from Template’ (...) from the header.

For further information on creating a new page within your govdex community, please refer the govdex support documentation.

Simplified Page Restrictions

Easily see and review the restrictions on a page using the padlock icon located at the top of the page.

The options for restrictions have also been streamlined to include the following:

  • No restrictions: any community member can see and edit the page.
  • Editing restrictions: any community member can see the page, but editing is restricted to those listed.
  • Viewing and editing restrictions: only those community members that are listed can see and edit the page.

Please note, each of the above are subject to community permissions.

For further information on setting page restrictions within your govdex community, please refer the govdex support documentation.

Preview Attachments

Certain file types (e.g., JPG, PNG and PDF) are now able to be previewed using govdex. This allows you to view the attachment without needing to download it.

Additional Search Filters

When searching for content within your community, you now have access to a number of filters to help you refine your search (e.g., Creator, Labels & Mentioning user).

Setting Favourite Pages

You are now able to add pages to your favourites. If you regularly visit a page, you can select ‘Favourite’ from the top right hand corner to make it easier to navigate back there. A list of your favourite communities and pages is available from your Profile.